delivery and shipping

Shipping & Returns

After your order has been received, the goods will be handed over to the shipping service provider within 1-2 working days (excluding public holidays).

The goods are shipped at the price displayed in the shopping cart within the EU. Deliveries to other non-EU countries can only be made on request. Please contact us for such inquiries. We will then check the shipping options and determine the corresponding shipping costs.

The goods are usually shipped via the parcel service DPD or GLS. Deliveries to Great Britain are handled by up to 2kg.


You can see the shipping costs after you have the desired items in your shopping cart.

Standard transit times

The standard transit times are shown below. Deviations due to public holidays, Corona, etc. can extend the delivery time in exceptional cases.

country Standard delivery time in working days
AT Austria 1-2
DE Germany 2
FR France 2-3
IT Italy 2-3
IT Spain 4-6
PT Portugal 4-5
DK Denmark 2
NL Netherlands 2
BE Belgium 2
LX Luxembourg 2
ALB Albania 4-8
BH Bosnia-Herzegovina 3-4
BG Bulgaria 3
EE Estonia 4-5
FI Finland 4-6
GR Greece 4-5
UK Great Britain 3-5
IR Ireland 4
IS Iceland 3-4
KOS Kosovo 5-7
HR Croatia 2
LT Latvia 4-5
LI Liechtenstein 2
LIT Lithuania 4
MT Malta 4
MNG Montenegro 5-7
NOR Norway 3-6
PL Poland 3
RU Romania 2
SWE Sweden 3-5
CH Switzerland 2
SRB Serbia 3-4
SLO Slovakia 2
SL Slovenia 2
CZ Czech Republic 2
TR Turkey 4-5
HU Hungary 2
CY Cyprus 5

If you want to order from another country, please contact us before ordering.

Shipment Tracking / Tracking

You will receive an e-mail with the tracking number of the respective transport company (e.g. DPD, GLS, within 24-48 hours after the order has been received.

If you have not received a notification, please check your spam inbox and email us with the order number if necessary.