What is a CoFlex3200 antenna?

A CoFlex3200 antenna set consists of two CoFlex1000 log-periodic dipole antennas, a buffalo tube (CoFlexDualMount-65) and mounting material.

The arrangement of the antennas amplifies and stabilizes the mobile signal of the 4G or 5G router.

The prerequisite for using the CoFlex3200 antenna set is a cellular router (often called a W-Lan router or Cube) which has a SIM card.

What is MIMO?

MIMO is the English abbreviation of Multiple-Input / Multiple Output in German multiple incoming signals and multiple outgoing signals.

It describes the transmission system between a mobile cell (often called a cell tower) and the end device (e.g. LTE router, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

A distinction is made between SISO - single input / single output and MIMO multiple input / multiple output.

A maximum DL speed of 50Mbit/s can be achieved with a SISO connection, while 500Mbit/s can be achieved with a MIMO connection.

An example of a SISO antenna is the CoFlex1000 antenna.

An example of a MIMO antenna is the CoFlex3200 antenna set or the CoFlex5200 antenna.

How is an antenna aligned?

Mobile phone antennas must be aligned in the direction of the nearest mobile phone cell in order to get the strongest transmission and reception level.

After the antenna is mounted, values ​​such as DL speed, UL speed, RSRP, RSRQ and SINR need to be compared. If the result is not satisfactory, the antenna must be moved slightly and the values ​​must be recorded again.

Do this until you get the best result.

Where can I find the nearest cell tower?

Usually, the position of the nearest mast can be found by asking your Internet provider.

Alternatively, various apps (e.g. CellMapper) can be loaded to locate the nearest mast.

How do I measure my internet speed

We only recommend the speed test of the Austrian Broadcasting Authority: