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The path to the future: differences between 4G and 5G/5G+ and the role of Halo&Son Austria

In the digital age, progress in mobile network technology is unstoppable. With the advent of 5G and its advanced variant, 5G+, we stand on the brink of a new era of connectivity. This blog post highlights the differences between 4G and 5G/5G+ and takes a look at the latest offerings from the Austrian provider "Drei" – a perfect example of how Halo&Son Austria's technology solutions can support the transition to more advanced networks.

What is the difference between 4G and 5G/5G+?

  • 4G, known for stable connections and reasonable speeds, is gradually being overtaken by 5G, which offers significantly higher data transfer rates, lower latency, and improved network capacities.
  • 5G+ is an enhanced version of 5G, introduced in Austria by "Drei" as 5G Standalone with guaranteed bandwidth for home use. This technology allows for the reservation of capacities for specific customers or services, offering more reliable and consistent service performance.

5G+ at "Drei" in Austria:

  • "Drei" was the first company in Austria to introduce 5G-Standalone technology, representing a significant advancement in network technology.
  • The new 5G+ plans from "Drei" offer unlimited internet with guaranteed download speeds for both private and business customers, providing a powerful alternative even in rural regions and for households without fiber optic connections.
  • This innovation is reflected in the various tariffs offered, ranging from FIX M 5G+ to FIX XXL, with various speed and price options.

The significance for consumers and businesses:

  • 5G+ opens new possibilities for high-performance applications like live TV broadcasting, autonomous vehicles, and Industry 4.0 solutions.
  • For the average consumer, this means improved internet speeds and stability, especially for streaming and online gaming.

The Role of Halo&Son Austria:

  • Halo&Son Austria can leverage this technology wave by offering products and services specifically optimized for 5G/5G+ networks.
  • From enhanced routers to specialized apps that utilize the low latency of 5G, Halo&Son provides innovative solutions that help both individuals and businesses make the most of this new technology.


  • 5G and 5G+ are more than just a speed improvement; they are a leap into a new era of connectivity and digital possibilities. With companies like "Drei" paving the way and Halo&Son Austria providing the necessary technology, the transition to these advanced networks is facilitated and made more accessible to all. The future is here, and it is faster, more powerful, and more innovative than ever before. The role of providers like Halo&Son Austria is crucial to ensure that the benefits of these new technologies can be fully exploited by offering not only advanced network solutions but also customer-oriented services and support.

In a world where digital connectivity is becoming increasingly important, 5G and 5G+ are not just an upgrade but a vital step towards a connected and more efficient future.

Date: November 13, 2023

Note: This blog post is for informational purposes only and is based on the current information and offers from "Drei" in Austria at the time of publication. For the latest offers and technical details, please visit the official website of "Drei".

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