CoFlex3200 4G und 5G Antennen Set, MIMO 2x2 Outdoor Antenne

How to find the nearest 4G / 5G mobile phone mast

Aligning an external antenna, such as the CoFlex3200 or CoFlex5200 from Halo&Son, is crucial for optimal performance and excellent results in enhancing your mobile internet reception. To correctly align the antennas, you need to know the location of the nearest cell tower of your provider. Here are some tools, apps, and websites that can help you:


  • Mobile Provider Coverage Maps: Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and O2 offer maps on their websites showing the locations of their cell towers.
  • Federal Network Agency EMF Database: This database contains information about the locations of broadcasting facilities in Germany.
  • Apps like "OpenSignal" or "CellMapper": These apps allow you to find the nearest cell towers and show network coverage and signal strength in your area.


  • Provider Coverage Maps: A1, Magenta, and Drei offer similar maps on their websites, showing locations and network coverage.
  • RTR Network Coverage Map: The Regulatory Authority for Telecommunication and Broadcasting offers a detailed map of network coverage in Austria.
  • Apps like "OpenSignal" or "CellMapper": In Austria, these apps can also be used to locate masts and obtain network information.

Aligning the Antennas

After finding the location of the nearest mast, you can align your Halo&Son antenna. Aim the antenna towards the mast to receive the strongest possible signal.

Signal Values in the Router

To check the signal quality, you can read certain values in your router. The most important ones include:

  • RSRP (Reference Signal Received Power): This value measures the power of the reference signal and indicates how strong the signal is at the device.
  • RSRQ (Reference Signal Received Quality): This is a measure of the quality of the received reference signal relative to noise and interference.
  • SINR (Signal-to-Interference-plus-Noise Ratio): This metric shows the ratio of signal strength to interference and noise. A higher SINR value indicates better signal quality.

These values can be found in the router's user interface under the signal or network status overview. By optimizing these values through correct antenna alignment, you can significantly improve the performance of your mobile internet connection.


Correct positioning of an external antenna is key for maximum performance of your mobile internet. With the mentioned tools and methods, you can determine the location of the nearest cell tower in Germany and Austria and align your antennas accordingly. The CoFlex3200 and CoFlex5200 antennas from Halo&Son are designed to achieve the best possible signal strength and quality when properly installed and aligned. With this knowledge and the right tools, you can fully exploit the potential of your mobile internet.

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