CoFlex3200 5G Antennen Set in Kroatien Strand, Booster Antenne für den Toursimus

From coastal restaurant to digital hotspot: the transformation through Halo&Son antennas in Croatia

In the picturesque coastal region of Croatia, where the Adriatic Sea kisses the land, unfolds the inspiring success story of a restaurateur who impresses not only with his culinary creations but also with first-class internet reception. In an area where stable and fast internet is as rare as a rainy day in high summer, this innovative restaurateur has filled a gap and established himself as a pioneer in digital hospitality.

The Challenge: Fast Internet for Remote Culinary Destinations

Despite flourishing tourism and scenic landscapes, providing reliable internet service in remote holiday homes and restaurants was a challenge. The existing solutions were either inadequate or non-existent. The ingenious restaurateur discovered the Max2 5G offering from Hrvatski Telekom – a promise of speeds that could revolutionize the guest experience.

The Solution: Halo&Son Antennas – The Game Changer

In his quest to offer more to his guests, the restaurateur discovered the Halo&Son antennas, specially designed for the requirements of the 5G network. After installing the antennas in his restaurant, the results were immediately noticeable: Guests could finally enjoy the blessings of fast and reliable internet. Overwhelmed by the positive response, he decided to extend this technological upgrade to all his holiday homes.

The Success: Satisfied Guests and a Booming Business

The investment in the Halo&Son antennas paid off. The holiday homes, equipped with this powerful infrastructure, quickly became sought-after places to stay. Guests who had previously complained about digital isolation now returned to enjoy the improved service. Thanks to the 5G antennas, they could easily stream, work, and stay in touch with their loved ones while enjoying the beauty of Croatia.

The Future: A Digitally Connected Travel Destination

Through the initiative of this restaurateur, this coastal region of Croatia is now an example of how state-of-the-art technology and traditional hospitality can go hand in hand. The Halo&Son antennas have not only transformed the business of the restaurateur but also the entire experience of the guests, turning the region into a connected paradise.


The success story of the Croatian restaurateur is a shining example of how innovation and the right partner – in this case, Halo&Son with their 5G-capable antenna system – can change a business and increase customer satisfaction. In a world where connectivity is almost as important as comfort, this visionary entrepreneur has proven that with the right tools, even the most remote places can enter the digital age.

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