CoFlex5200 5G Booster Antenne im Einsatz in einem Hochhaus in Tirana. Vodafone, Magenta.

CoFlex5200 - The turbo for your Internet where fiber optic expansion shows its limits

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, fast internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. While fiber optic expansion is considered the future solution for high-speed Internet, many urban apartment buildings and single-family homes remain stuck in the snail's pace of the Internet due to infrastructural and logistical hurdles. Here, 4G, LTE and 5G offer alternatives that can achieve considerable speeds - often far exceeding the bandwidths offered by conventional DSL and copper lines.

Closing the speed gap

DSL and copper lines, the traditional carriers of the Internet, are reaching their limits in terms of speed. While DSL connections often only offer up to 35 Mbps, copper lines, even with the latest technologies such as VDSL, can only be topped up to a staggering 250 Mbps. This contrasts with 4G and LTE, which are capable of speeds of up to 300 Mbps, while 5G is pushing into the gigabit range.

The network coverage dilemma

Despite the impressive performance offered by 4G and 5G, network coverage is not yet comprehensive, especially in rural areas or specific urban zones. This is where the CoFlex5200 comes to the rescue. Designed as a 4G/5G outdoor antenna, it makes it possible to establish a reliable and fast internet connection even in places with weak network coverage.

CoFlex5200: Compact, powerful, future-oriented

The CoFlex5200 antenna is characterized by its compact design, which blends unobtrusively into any living space. But don't be fooled by its size - its performance is immense. The antenna is designed to pick up and amplify weak signals, resulting in a significant improvement in internet speed. Whether for video conferencing, streaming or online gaming, the CoFlex5200 ensures a stable and fast connection.

A solution for the future

Given the slow progress of fiber expansion, the CoFlex5200 is not just a bridging solution, but a permanent improvement for the home Internet. It offers a simple, cost-effective way to bridge the digital divide and is an investment in a reliable and future-proof internet connection.


The CoFlex5200 is an excellent solution for all those who do not have the luxury of a fiber optic connection. It is proof that a modern Internet is possible even without extensive infrastructure measures. The CoFlex5200 is therefore more than just an antenna - it is a promise for the digital age that can reach everyone.

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